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  Star Wars III. rész - A sith-ek bosszúja adatlapja

Ahhoz, hogy hozzá tudj szólni a fórumokhoz, be kell jelentkezned, vagy regisztrálnod itt!

  16/03/24 16:12  |  Socke
this movie was presented in the 1994-1995 world? the movies just do not know the exact Met lab time director, but I saw the demonstration. the cinema-television premiere was a long time ago that a black kungfu dressed like waist belt hooded masked costumed killer in a sleeping gown or dress a young girl or woman who was shut strikes a window in the killing of lightning appears scythe in his hand who is in the window is a woman then a big scream and you behead the murderer of her scythe! Then three young women aged woman was in their apartment with a room just take in but the kitchen there is in a flat section of the stove casing just main some time through the door to the killer that I have described to rush into an ax howling terrifying voice and I try all three women cut off ax, fortunately they are very scared detour during a scuffle and one of the women whip up something on the gas stove and pull over by a masked killer who ignited the rear costume and screaming into his hands exposed to broken windows to escape to advance quickly crush the window. then come the movie's title on when to go to the movies in the horror movies tv presentation, but as long ago seen and not even a movie title I can not not once it was what year it is, if someone would recognize answer to fill has been down to the exact menu which booklet printing original title of the movie year of preparation exact, accurate and precise directed the original movie content.

  14/04/21 14:45  |  Eddard Stark
Nem volt rossz ez a rész sem, de nekem ez tetszett legkevésbé. Főleg azért, mert szinte minden jedit megölnek és olyan szomorú hangulata van a filmnek.

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